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Core Business


Real estate

Our clients typically buy or build real estate for two reasons: either they love the destination or they are considering buying a property as security for their retirement fund.

Real estate prices of well-located properties are growing or have a slight upward trend, hence a good solution for creating a private pension fund. This way retirees ensure themselves with two incomes and thus greater security in life.

Our real estate agents look for the right property or house for the client, considering their interests and desires. We take into account both the location, the price, leasing options and renovation costs of the property, as well as new construction costs in the same place.


Legal advice

The first step clients take is to describe the problem or ask any questions they have. On the basis of this our law firm draws up an offer and after accepting the offer, clients get the advice and representation they need.

When purchasing real estate, it is important for the lawyer to examine the property to discover possible visible or invisible defects, that sometimes lead to the clients not buying the propertie.

The motto of the real estate consultants’ team is that clients are the ones to decide for themselves whether or not to buy a property. What is important is that they have been informed in advance about the advantages and disadvantages of the property they have chosen, so they can make an informed decision.

Steuerberatug und Buchhaltung

Tax advice and accounting

One of the most important questions that arise when buying is - how much tax do you have to pay for such a transaction? To find out about this regional and the tax laws of your place of residence are to be taken into account. That's why we offer tax consultants who have all licenses from the appropriate Ministry of Finance to make your tax plans.

From time to time, clients also choose to open a business abroad in order to buy farmland or forest land or to develop larger projects where several people will be employed. After the company with limited liability is founded, the accounting department assumes the monthly payment of all state taxes and other public duties.

Tax advice is usually used only once a year when calculating the profits, losses or the ratios between two or more companies in one or more states. Such tax advice is therefore always used before the balance sheet is made.