Tourist rental in the Republic of Croatia

Die touristische Vermietung in Kroatien

Ever since Croatia joined the EU many foreigners have been asking themselves how they can rent vacation homes or apartments in Croatia to other guests. In particular, because EU citizens can now buy real estate in Croatia more easily and the tourism industry in Croatia is getting stronger.

Natural and legal persons can rent in Croatia, under certain conditions, apartments in houses ( if those apartments are their property). EU and Swiss nationals have no restrictions regarding rent of the apartments that are their property. Landlords who are citizens of other countries (so-called third countries) must register a craft trade or a trade company in Croatia in order to be able to offer such services. It follows that nationals of other countries in Croatia are not allowed to rent vacation apartments directly, but they can enter a business in Croatia by setting  up a craft trade or trading company that leases vacation apartments.

New landlords, who are Croatian citizens, citizens of an EU Member State or Switzerland, must obtain a permit for the relevant State Administration Office in order to be able to rent an apartment before registering in the respective register. The permit is issued when the landlord has been registered as owner in the land register, the property has a usage permit and it meets the minimum requirements. Whether the object meets the minimum requirements is checked at the apartment inspection. If the property is enlarged without authorization, only a temporary permit for the lease can be issued on condition that the landlord has submitted the request for legalization in due time. If permit for the rent  was not allowed, the applicant may lodge a complaint to the Ministry of Tourism against the decision of the competent authority.

Landlords may offer the following services:

  • accommodation in rooms, apartments or vacation homes with a capacity of up to 20 beds or 10 rooms;
  • accommodation in a campsite with up to 10 plots, but not more than 30 guests at the same time; such as
  • breakfast, full or half pension for the accommodated guests.

Before you start with the renting of  the house / apartment, a sign with the appropriate category of the object must be provided. The landlords must register the guests and issue an invoice for the services they provide, unless a tourist agency is authorized to do so. Landlords may rent the property independently or with the help of a Croatian or foreign tourist agency.

A stay in the apartments between 15 June and 15 September of up to 15 nuclear family members is considered as no service and therefore no authorization is required. On the other hand, if the landlord offers tourist accommodation services by violating the obtained permit, he may be fined up to 10.000,00 kn (about 1300,00 €).